Braking units

Product orientation.

PB60 Braking units are mainly used in frequency converters which must be controlled speed reduction in braking for positioning, in control of lifts and drops, etc…


When a rapid decrease in speed with a frequency converter, due to the inertia of the load, kinetic energy and transferring electrical energy stored in the dc bus inverter, which produce a jump of the protections surge or failure. Thebraking unit (resistance) automatically detects the voltage of the DC bus and automatically switches the excess power to braking resistors, ensuring full control of the engine in totally different conditions.

Technical features.

  1. Possibility to use when large fluctuations in the mains.
  2. Special design, you can use normal strength, no need to choose non-inductive resistors.
  3. Assurance braking IGBT saturation.
  4. Protection against overheating.
  5. Excellent performance at low cost.

Power range.

  • Full specification for 200V / 380V / 440V / 480V.
  • Can be used in parallel, having limited capacity
  • 0,75 kW to 30 kW / 37 kW to 55 kW / 75 kW to 110 kW (400V).

Typical applications.

Centrifuges, washing machines, cranes, elevators, textile industry, paper industry, winding and reeling, etc..