Inductors AC input

To protect the drive against very high harmonic currents, protect it from overloading the network and to limit disturbance to the network drive within acceptable levels.


Inductors AC output.

Reduction of capacitive currents tansitorias that can overload the converterpower stage when there is a gap between the inverter and motor. Likewisereduce the voltage stress of the motor winding.



Maximum length of shielded cables



Without inductance

With inductance

4 kW

200 – 600V

50 m.

150 m.

5,5 kW

70 m.

200 m.

7,5 kW

100 m.

225 m.

11 kW

110 m.

240 m.

15 kW

125 m.

360 m.

18,5 kW

135 m.

280 m.

22 kW

150 m.

300 m.

30 – 200 kW

150 m.

300 m.

Inductors DC

DC coil is connected directly between the rectifier and inverter drive, its main objective is to superimpose an AC component within a specified value limitscorreinte continuing to maintain a continuous decrease of the current pulserectifier and the inverter operates more stable and improves the power factor of the whole drive.